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Keep the area covered.  The artist will cover your tattoo to keep the skin away from airborne bacteria and pathegens.  The tattoo itself is an open wound so you want to ensure your tattoo is covered as an open tattoo can attract bacteria and form an infection.  We recommend you leave the tattoo covered for at least 8 - 12 hours.  For those of you who work in a dusty or dirty environment please keep your tattoo covered and try wearing long sleeves until your tattoo has completely healed.




Remove the clingfilm and wash your hands (antibacterial soap).  Clean the area thoroughly with warm water using a mild/low ph fragrance free soap or antibacterial soap.  Make sure you wash all the blood and plasma off (slimey build up).  Do not use a cloth, sponge or anything abrasive to clean your tattoo.  


It is perfectly normal for your tattoo to have ink coloured discharge.  Just make sure you wash your tattoo twice a day daily.  


You can shower as normal, we just advise that you do not soak your tattoo as submerging it in water can cause damage to your tattoo, try and avoid for 2-3 weeks or once your tattoo is fully healed.




Pat the area dry with a CLEAN towel. Do not scrub the area.




Leave the area for 5-10 minutes or so, then apply a very light application of cream/ointment of your choice.  We recommend Sorry Mom available in the studio.


  • Use the product sparingly all over the tattooed area and rub in circular motions until the balm has penetrated the skin.  

  • Recommended usage 3-4 times a day for at least 7-10days.


There are other creams on the market but we can only advise on the product we use and supply.  Use of other creams will be at your own discretion and the healing of your tattooo is your sole responsibility.


NEVER use Vaseline, Savlon, Coco Butter or Sudocrem or any other cosmetic cream as this can damage your new tattoo.  Once your tattoo has fully healed, you can use alternative creams just ensure your tattoo is fully healed.




  • pick the scabs

  • go sunbathing

  • use sunbeds or fake tan

  • go swimming

  • soak in the bath

  • go sauna

  • allow animals to lick, brush against or sleep alongside you

After a few days, you may notice some peeling and possible scabbing.  This is all normal, just ensure you do not pick or scratch the area.  The healing process feels very similar to healing after sunburn.  Picking or scratching the tattoo can result in damage and loss of pigment.  You may also notice once the peeling and scabbing has gone, a silver sheen effect over your tattoo, again this is normal, your skin is still healing.




Even once your tattoo has healed use a high factor sunblock to ensure longevity of colour of your tattoo.


Fudoshin Tattoos can not be held liable for any aftercare or healing of your tattoo.  It is your responsibility as a client to ensure that your tattoo is kept clean and treated according to the guidelines above. 

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