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Our local station is South Woodford Underground on the Central Line.  If you are coming from Leytonstone side you must make sure the front of the train is going towards Epping.  At Leytonstone the line splits and you must take the upper route.  When you arrive at South Woodford you take the exit to the main high street, if in doubt ask for directions towards Sainsburys.  We are a 2 minute walk from the station.  If you are coming from Epping way, you need to walk over the bridge at the station.




Buses towards South Woodford, 123, 179, 549, W12, W13, W14.




Driving to us is fairly easy, with direct links off the A406, A12 and M11.  Parking is available at the front of the studio at pay and display bays. They are capped at 2 hours, however you can top it up as long as you remove your old ticket.  There is also parking available at Sainsburys, but again you are limited to 2 hours with no return.  



Postcode E18 1AY

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