Terms and conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of the services detailed at the time of booking.

  2. You are deemed to have accepted these Terms and conditions when you place a booking and or from the date of services performed (whichever happens earlier) and these Terms and Conditions are the entire agreement between us.


  1. A ‘business day’ means any day other than Sunday and Monday.


  1. The studio provides services known as procedures and/or treatments.  These procedures are permanent, and the act off tattooing is a permanent act.

  2. All procedures and/or treatments are carried out by professional tattoo artists.

  3. We are more than happy to continue work done by other artists.

    1. A consultation will be provided to discuss ideas.

  4. Consultations are free of charge.


I.D and Consent

  1. You must be over 18 years of age to receive treatment in the act of tattooing.

  2. We will request for all persons to provide I.D either a passport or provisional/driver’s licence.

    1. We will not accept any other I.D.

  3. We have the right to refuse any persons not willing to provide I.D when required.

  4. We do not accept any persons under the age of 18 years of age to receive treatment in the act of tattooing.

  5. We do not accept parental consent if you are under the age of 18 years of age to receive treatment in the act of tattooing.

  6. At every appointment you will be required to fill out a consent and medical form.

    1. If any of the information you provide is false, then we have the right to terminate our services and report you to the necessary authorities.

    2. We adhere and comply with Health & Safety laws and require you to fill out the medical form truthfully as this can be detrimental to the health of the tattoo artist/s and clients in the studio.

  7. We have the right to refuse any persons not willing to complete the consent form and medical form.

    1. All necessary fields in the consent form and medical form MUST be completed.

  8. We have the right to refuse any persons who are under the influence or alcohol or drugs.

  9. If we feel that your current/past medical history may affect receiving the treatment of tattooing, we have the right to refuse you or request that we discuss the treatment of tattooing with your practitioner.

    1. Only then once we have confirmation from your practitioner, we can carry out the act of tattooing.

Booking/Appointments, Deposits and Payments

  1. A Deposit is required to secure a booking/appointment.  

  2. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  3. No booking/appointment is possible without a deposit.

  4. The studio offers a ‘Walk in’ service, which does not require a deposit. 

    1. This is subject to availability on the day.

    2. We do not take bookings for walk ins.

    3. Walk ins are same day service only.

  5. The deposit is accounted towards your tattoo price.

  6. The price of your tattoo is determined by your tattoo artist.

    1. If you do not confirm with the artist the final price before the act of tattooing, once the act of tattooing is done, you are obligated to pay the amount declared by the tattooer.

    2. It is your responsibility to get confirmation of the final price of your tattoo.

  7. Deposits can be transferred over to another person’s, but you must inform the studio of this before transferring the deposit.

    1. This must be requested via email to us and confirmation from us accepting the transfer.

    2. The recipient receiving the deposit must be over the age of 18 years. 

    3. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions will result in the deposit being forfeited.

Gift Vouchers

  1. Gift Vouchers are in denominators of £10, £20, £50 and £100. 

  2. Gift Vouchers can be bought on our website or in the studio.

  3. Ensure bookings are made within 6 months from date of purchase.

  4. Appointments can be made outside the validity period.

  5. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable and not cash redeemable.

Cancelling/Rescheduling an appointment

  1. A minimum of 48 business day hours’ notice is required to cancel/reschedule a tattoo appointment.

    1. Cancelling/rescheduling must be done during 'business days' only.   

    2. If you cancel/reschedule outside these Terms and Conditions, you automatically forfeit your deposit.

    3. If a new deposit is not paid, you’re continued appointments will be cancelled.

    4. Failure to do so will result in your deposit being forfeited by you and a new deposit is required to secure the rest of your appointments or to book new ones.

  2. We require an email to confirm  cancelling an appointment, failure to do so may result in your deposit being forfeited. 

    1. Email fudoshintattoos@hotmail.com

    2. You are required to state your name, appointment date and time. 

  3. We require an email to confirm rescheduling an appointment, failure to do so may result in your deposit being forfeited..

    1. Email fudoshintattoos@hotmail.com

    2. You are required to state your name, appointment date and time.

  4. We have the right to cancel or amend appointments at no further notice.

    1. We are required to reschedule your appointment at the next convenient/available date/time.


  1. We advise and support, before, during and after your tattoo appointment.

  2. We provide you with an aftercare document, and the artist will explain the process and importance of the aftercare.

    1. We cannot be held liable for any aftercare or healing of your tattoo.  It is your responsibility as a client to ensure that your tattoo is kept clean and treated according to the guidelines provided. 

  3. A free touch-up treatment is complimentary and should be done within 3 months of initial treatment.

    1. You are required to give your tattoo at least 4-6 weeks to heal before a touch up is done.

  4. We reserve the right to revoke a complimentary touch up treatment, if we feel you did adhere to the aftercare guidelines we provided you with.

  5. We do not offer a complimentary touch up treatment for any tattoos not done by us.

  6. The complimentary touch up treatment is to fill any gaps that did not take at the initial appointment.

    1. It is not to change the design, shape or colour, or to add to.

  7. If you would like to change /add to your tattoo, we would be more than happy to do this for you and you will be charged accordingly.

Risk and Liability

  1. The act of tattooing breaks the top layer of skin in order for the ink to sit in the dermis layer of skin between 1mm and 2mm.

  2. The tattoo itself is an open wound, so you want to ensure your tattoo is covered as an open tattoo can attract bacteria and form an infection.  (Please follow our aftercare guidelines).

  3. All procedures are carried out in a certified environment by our Local Health Authority.

  4. The studio must be licenced to perform the act of tattooing.

  5. The studio and artists follow strict hygiene, cross contamination and sterisation procedures, approved and advised by the Local Health Authority.

  6. We can not control the aftercare and the environment of the treated area after it has left the studio.  Therefore the artist or the studio cannot be held liable for any infection, scarring, reaction or rejection within the treated area or any part which may be affected.

    1. Any concerns you have, please contact the studio and we can advise and support as best we can.

  7. We do not carry out the act of tattooing on pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.  

  8. You must complete a medical form and state all medications you are currently on or have been in the last 4 weeks and any conditions/illnesses you may have.

    1. Failure to do so will breach our terms and conditions and you will liable.

Data Protection

  1. The service provider shall only Process Personal Data to the extent reasonably required to enable it to supply the services as mentioned in these terms and conditions or as requested by and agreed with the client, shall not retain any personal data longer than necessary for the Processing and refrain from Processing any personal data for its own or for any third party’s purposes.

  2. The service provider shall not disclose personal data to any third parties and is on a strict ‘need to know’ basis and only under the same conditions as set out in these terms and conditions or to the extent required by applicable legislation and/or regulations.

  3. The GDPR explains the provisions of the GDPR to help organisations comply with its requirements. It is for those who have day-to-day responsibility for data protection.  The GDPR forms part of the data protection regime in the UK, together with the new Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). The main provisions of this apply, like the GDPR, from 25 May 2018.

  4. Personal data/information is required when completing a consent form and medical form.

    1. Your email is automatically added to our mailing list. 

    2. The consent form states if you do not wish to be added automatically to our mailing list please tick the box and inform us.

  5. Your personal data/information is not shared or disclosed with any other company or third party.

    1. In the event of a health and safety matter or an emergency, we are at liberty to contact any emergency services and disclose necessary data, that will help the emergency services.

  6. Personal data/information is kept and stored for no longer than one year from date of your last tattoo appointment.

  7. Personal data/information is securely disposed of at the end of its validity period.

  8. We capture pictures and videos for the sole purpose, marketing purposes and distribution for Fudoshin Tattoos.

    1. Pictures and videos are uploaded to our Instagram and our website.

    2. If you do not want your picture or video taken or uploaded please inform us straight away so we can ensure your image is not taken.

    3. If we upload your picture or video before you inform us, please do not hesitate and ask us to take it down, we are more than happy to take the image/video down.

If you do not adhere to any of our terms and conditions and deliberately violate them, including our aftercare, we are excluded from liability and have the right to cancel any future appointments.  We reserve the rights to refuse our services if there is a risk to our health and safety.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of our terms and conditions, we are more than happy to discuss any of the above with you.

Address: 158 George Lane, South Woodford, London E18 1AY

Phone Number: +44 (0) 208-989-6144

Mobile Number: +44 (0) 7999-121-999 (text / whatsapp only)

Email: fudoshintattoos@hotmail.com

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